BNB Styles Blog by Trushna

BNB Styles Blog by Trushna

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Hello Lovelies,

How are you all doing ? I get paranoid when my newly purchased shoes get stained by any means and you can tell me I’ve an OCD for clean and stain free shoes. So recently Vetro Power sent me across their Magical Solution which keeps the shoes stain free for a year after the application.

So what does Vero Power do and How does it work ?

Vetro Power Footwear Protection is an extremely powerful Nanotechnology enabled protective coating for your footwear. The spray creates an invisible, hydrophobic (water repellant) and self cleaning silicon dioxide coating, which makes surfaces practically water-proof and stain-proof. Vetro Power protects your footwear from everyday accidental spills of liquid (water, alcohol, oil, rain, mud, puddles, sauces etc). Any liquid falling onto the coated shoe will form into beads and roll off the surface, taking any dirt and foreign matter along with it – this includes microscopic bacteria and dirt particles, invisible to the naked eye.

How do we use it ?

Vetro Power recommends to use the product on newly purchased footwear for best results. Spray from a distance of 10-15cm spray several coats, evenly covering the entire surface till damp.For an effective and durable coating, repeat entire process again after 10 minutes. Keep in a cool, dry environment away from sunlight for 24 hours for coating to completely harden and cure.

Priced at Rupees 1500 for 25ml.

It might be tiny bottle but extremely powerful and it is worth every penny coz it protects your shoe from dirt, stain, liquid spilling etc throughout the year.

I highly recommend this product to all those people who are super clumsy like me nd love their shoes so much that they can’t see them stained. If you wanna buy this product, click the link here.

What do you think about this post ? Please comment below and lemme know.Till the time we come back with our next post/shoot please do take care of yourself and always, “Be Quirky & Think Different”

Love you all,



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