iDiva Review for Vetro Power Footwear Protection

Zahra Motorwala

Getting dirt on our shoes makes us want to weep because we're particularly attached to footwear. Using ordinary soap and water to clean is the traditional tried-and-tested method, but as we all know, this may or may not always work. So when we stumbled upon this new product - Vetro Power footwear protection spray which claims to work wonders - we had to try it.

The literature says that it is created from some sort of advanced nanotechnology which creates an invisible coating that prevents your shows from getting dirty in the first place. Apparently, this coating transforms muck into little beads, which then roll off your shoes. So, when we read that it works for all kinds of spills - oil, sauce, water and mud - we decided we had to test it out.

Vetro Power Footwear Protection 100ml Spray Bottle

The instruction manual clearly states that Vetro Power should be used on new shoes, but we used them on our fairly old but white shoes... because we're rebels like that. First, we wiped our shoes clean and then generously sprayed the shoe protectant on the surface of the shoes. We let it settle down for 10 minutes and sprayed again, to create a thick protectant layer, just as the manual states. We then let it settle for 24 hours.

On day two, we poured some water on the shoes and it did form droplets that slipped off the surface of the shoe. We then threw some mud on the shoes and guess what! No stains! But having said that, we are yet to walk out in the Mumbai rains and check if our shoes are really well-protected. We'll let you know, though.

Spraying Vetro Power on a pair of shoes.

This product is odourless and non-toxic and is said to work on all materials like suede, nubuck, nylon, synthetic and canvas. A 100 ml bottle is available for Rs. 1,500 and lasts for 12-18 months.

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