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Technology on your foot: Vetro Power keeps your shoes clean, dry, flawless.


A simple spray can keep water, oil and muck off your expensive shoes.

Deccan Chronicle - Francis Dsa - Vetro Power

Vetro Power is a water-based liquid and is completely safe and environment friendly.

So you bought a pair of those expensive shoes which you were probably saving for a long time. Or you had them imported from a friend simply because you could not get them in your country. Well, we are happy for you. However, now that the monsoons are here, damn, you cannot wear those leathers to the party. What do you do then? Carry them along in a bag and slip them on just before you enter the venue? Well, you better not be caught when changing. So you are now are wondering whether you should be wearing it during this rainy season. What if your shoes had a force field that protects it from accidental spills of liquid? And what if the liquid just forms into beads and rolls off the surface of shoe, like the ‘lotus effect’? Well, what if we told you ‘yes! Your shoe definitely can’ and ‘without the fear of ruining them with water and muck’. We aren’t kidding!
Deccan Chronicle - Francis Dsa - Vetro Power
There’s a way to safeguard those expensive shoes during the rains and keep them from being ruined. A product that can keep your shoes from getting soiled and even stay dry is definitely like a bodyguard for your shoes. Vetro Power, a simple, environmentally friendly and safe liquid-based coating can help you keep your shoes as good as new, for almost a year at a stretch.

Keeping shoes clean, dry and dirt-free is what we in India are always longing for. The exercise of keeping water and dirt away from the shoe and later cleaning them is a pain. Vetro Power can keep your shoes looking as good as new, keeping water and dirt at bay. The product is a simple water-like spray, which can be applied to your shoe in a few simple steps.
Deccan Chronicle - Francis Dsa - Vetro Power
Vetro Power Footwear Protection is an extremely powerful Nanotechnology-enabled protective coating for your footwear. The spray creates an invisible, hydrophobic (water repellent) and self cleaning silicon dioxide coating, which makes surfaces practically water-proof and stain-proof. A first in Asia and the only player in the market to use nanotechnology for footwear, Trifli Technologies Pvt. Ltd have announced their footwear protection technology here in India. The product, Vetro Power, is water-based and is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Vetro Power is the brainchild of Varun Mukhi, a third-generation entrepreneur with an in-depth exposure and understanding of the fashion and textile industry.

The liquid is available in a simple spray bottle and holds 100ml of the magic liquid. The spray is water-based and not like any other aerosol can. All one needs to do is to spray a generous amount of the liquid onto the shoe surface, let it dry and walk away.

The company recommends that one uses the spray on a pair of brand new shoes. However, you could still use the spray on an older pair, provided they are cleaned thoroughly and dried for at least 24 hours if not more.

Well, the procedure is pretty simple. Since the spray forms a layer of the nano coating on the surface of the shoe, it is important that you have a new pair of shoes, brushed clean and wiped well. For older shoes, you need to make sure it is dry-cleaned (if possible) or washed well, clean of any dirt, soil and dust and dried for at least 24 – 48 hours before application. Once ready, all you need is to spray a generous amount of the Vetro Power liquid on the entire surface of the shoes, one at a time. Make sure that the liquid gets soaked into the surface of the shoe. After the first spray, you can use a soft brush to gently rub it or spread it across the entire surface. Carefully inspect the surface in good light, from all angles to ensure a good coat. Places where you find threads, stitches or joints may need a little extra spray on. Do note: the product is only needed for the upper part of the shoe and won’t work on the soles. Do not spray inside the shoe. Once you have confirmed that the entire shoe is well coated, leave it to dry for another 24 – 48 hours so that the product has a well-dried coating or layer on the shoe surface.
Deccan Chronicle - Francis Dsa - Vetro Power
When done, you are ready to test it out—first try sprinkle a few drops on one shoe. You should notice the water beading and simply roll across the surface without sticking to it. Now pour a little more water and watch the water being repelled off the surface. Do note: Vetro Power only works for regular water spills and splashes, which is normal. A force of water could be ineffective. The spray is meant for regular, minor rain showers, accidental spills of liquid (water, gravy, oil, or almost any liquid). Dipping the shoe in a water puddle will not protect the shoe as the water will enter from the joints between the soles and the leather and the areas of stitches.

We tried the spray on a pair of ordinary suede and leather shoes and found the product to be accurately described what it is meant for. The shoes were well protected with the nano coating, repelling regular spillage. Both the surfaces of the leather, as well as the suede were well protected. We did not find the spray causing any damage to the shoe material. The coating is transparent and cannot be seen with the naked eye.

The Vetro Spray is priced at Rs 1,500 for a bottle of 100ml. It is available online on and shipped to all parts of the country. We recommend that you use the spray to protect your expensive shoes from water damage, especially during the rains. Immediately after you reach back home, we suggest you wipe all dirt that could be seen on the shoes with a soft brush or a soft cloth. You do not need to wash your shoes, unless you accidentally scrape it against some rough surfaces and manage to get it soiled. But if very dirty, and once you wash it, you may need to apply the spray once again.

Vetro Power when applied on a regular pair of shoes does not have any residue, is transparent, and cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Vetro Power is not for everyone. If you are a person who is on foot the whole day, you could see constant wear and tear of the shoe surface. Since the conditions in India are not suitable enough to keep shoes protected well. With mucky roads, crowded streets and transport in India, it is difficult to keep your shoe protected from external damage. Vetro Power is best suited for those who don’t walk as much or use expensive shoes for minimal walking. For car owners, the product can do pretty well. If you manage to soil your protected shoes, it is recommended that you wipe the shoes (with a damp cloth if necessary) or use a soft brush to clean it properly. Do not apply pressure, or use a hard brush or cloth, or any cleaning agents to clean the shoes. If washing the shoe is absolutely needed, you could apply the spray all over again after cleaning for a secure protection.

Vetro Power is basically meant for protection of expensive shoes. A single application on your shoes can last you up to 12 months of use. Each bottle of Vetro Power contains 100ml of the magic spray, which can be used for 3 – 4 pairs of shoes, depending on the size and type. The product is best applied on a new pair of shoes since they are clean and fresh. Application on an older pair would need additional work of preparation, but could also see possible lower effect as compared to new shoes.

Though the bottle of Vetro Power seems pretty expensive (Rs 1,500 per 100ml) at a whopping Rs 15 per milliliter, the product is actually cheap since it is meant to protect expensive shoes (up to 3-4 pairs per bottle —which is almost Rs 400 per pair of shoes). As an example, a pair of branded shoes could cost you nothing less than Rs 6,000, to which, you are simply adding Rs 400 fee for additional protection or maintenance each year. We recommend this product for those who need to protect their shoes from soil, especially during the rainy season. The product is best suited for expensive shoes, school shoes, sports shoes, and alike.

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