Vetro Power Antimicrobial Shield instantly kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on contact and keeps them away for up to 90 days.

Normal cleaning with water & regular household cleaning agents will not dilute the efficacy of the product. Normal cleaning is recommended

Currently Vetro Power Antimicrobial Shield is recommended for only soft & porous surfaces such as fabric, leather & textiles.

Yes, Vetro Power Antimicrobial Shield can be used around food and has been certified for safety.

Vetro Power Antimicrobial Shield can be used on any types of fabric that a water can absorb into and it will be effective. Safe to use on all colours.

Yes, Vetro Power Antimicrobial Shield can be used as a Water & Stain Repellent as well. For superior Stain Protection, check out our range of Premium, Non-Toxic & High Performing Protector products.


This depends on the material you’re treating & it’s absorbency. Following Vetro Power’s application method:

  • 25ml bottle will cover a pair of shoes
  • 100ml bottle will cover 4-6 pairs of shoes depending on the size of the pair
  • 250ml bottle will cover 10-12 pairs of shoes depending on the size of the pair

Vetro Power Footwear Protector is safe to use on all absorbent textiles including fabric, suede, nubuck, leather, nylon, synthetics, canvas, satin & sheepskin.

Vetro Power Footwear Protector will not work on materials already advertised as waterproof or water resistant. The Protector will not work on pre-treated fabrics such as patent, greased, sealed, polished or waxed leather as these items already have a protective coating. Please avoid using any of these materials.

No, it will not work on rubber.

Yes, Vetro Power’s protective coating is 100% breathable.

While extremely powerful, Vetro Power’s protective coating will not fill air gaps in mesh & therefore not prevent liquid from passing through mesh or netting.

Vetro Power Footwear Protector technically is permanent because it can last longer than the life of the shoes. The Nano-tech coating permanently bonds to each individual fibre and can only be removed through mechanical abrasion.

If you leave a pair of coated shoes in a cupboard for 4 years or more, the shoes will still remain water & stain repellent; as they’ve been left undisturbed. However, excessive dirt & dust will reduce the repellent effect of the coating and could potentially cause water ingress. It is recommended to maintain the surface and clean at regular intervals by pouring water over the surface to clean off the dirt & dust. Remove excessive dirt with our Premium Brush and only use cleaning agents recommended for fabric. Please contact us for further advice.

Vetro Power Footwear Protector is invisible and is applicable on all textile surfaces, both natural & synthetic. It is recommended to always patch test on a small inconspicuous area for colour fastness before commencing with the full application.

Due to the vast differences in animal hide, Vetro Power Footwear Protector may intensify the colours on suede & nubuck. While most customers are happy with results, Vetro Power always recommends patch testing to ensure you’re happy if at all with the potential colour intensification. Once dry, a suede brush can be used to bring the nap back to its original texture. Flexibility will not be affected.

Please refer to our Comparison chart for detailed comparison.

Please refer to our How to Use for a complete step-by-step application guide. Always follow the application instructions, as incorrect application can cause irregular protection or visible patches.

Vetro Power Footwear Protector is completely water-based & will not react with any paints used to customise the sneakers unless the paints are water-soluble. Once dry, the paints/finishers already provide some level of protection, but Vetro Power Footwear Protector will provide an additional level of protection once applied against water, stains & spills.

The surface needs to be cleaned to expose the coating, so this result usually occurs after the surface has come into contact with extreme dirt or dust (common in India’s environment). If a strong detergent is used or shoes sent for dry cleaning; the effect of the coating will be reduced. Using hand soap/detergents over the material is not recommended.

If your shoes come into contact with soiling agents like dirt or mud, then simply rinse with clean water, leave to dry and re-apply Vetro Power Footwear Protector to advance it’s protection.

Always remember - Vetro Power Footwear Protector is a Water & Stain Repellent; designed to prevent accidental stains, spills and watermarks.