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Near Fox - Vetro Power

You’ve probably been wearing sneakers every day now: to work, to parties, and to a formal dinner. Mumbai’s rains are making the roads and footpaths slushy and the only footwear alternative is the not-so-aesthetically pleasing “rain shoe”.

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Vetro Power lets you wear those embellished ballerina shoes or those formal black leather shoes all over Mumbai! Introducing a range of nano-coatings for your footwear called the Vetro Power Footwear Protection, the company revolutionizes “rain boots” for Mumbai.

The spray creates an invisible, water repellant coating on your shoes that makes them waterproof and stain proof. The spray is also self-cleaning- phew! 

So, there’s no need to literally tip toe around everyday puddles anymore! And if there are days when you’re feeling messy, you can also drop just about any liquid on your shoes as well. And the best part: a one-time application lasts for a whole year!


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