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Buy Shoes Care Products Online in India at The Best Price Ever!


India’s one-stop solution with a range of Shoe Care Products for conscious customers. 

From protection to care to the preservation, we create top-of-the-line nano-tech and clean-tech products that keep you safe and make your belongings last longer - paving the way for a sustainable future.

At Vetro Power, we’re focused to equip you with effective products that enhance your lifestyle while remaining conscious of the world we coexist in. We care for our consumers, their valuables, and the environment. 

Browse the Vetro Power Shoes Care range with Footwear Protector, Leather Cleaning & Restoration Wipes, Leather Conditioner, Microfiber Cloth, Premium Cleaning Brush, Shoe Care Kit, Suede & Nubuck Protector. 

By offering the greatest shoe care line at the best pricing in India, we at Vetro Power make your online shopping more enjoyable and cost-effective.

To make your online shopping joyful and satisfying, browse our categories, enjoy the benefits of our special offers, and much more!

How to Make Your Shoes Beautiful Again?

Bring beauty to your steps with Vetro Power. 

With the help of Our Nano-Tech, Non-Toxic Vetro Power Footwear Cleaner, make your shoes clean & beautiful. A single application will make the shoes water, liquid, stain & spill repellent, ensuring your shoes will last longer & remain as new as the day they were brought home!

The Vetro Power Leather Shoe Cleaner Wipes & Leather Conditioner for shoes are produced utilizing cutting-edge technology and a non-toxic formula for cleaning, restoring, protecting, and enhancing any leather shoes. It adds an extra layer of protection and conditioning to the leather. Additionally, being eco-friendly, it lessens consumption and waste by extending the lifespan and improving the appearance of your leather.

How do Vetro Power Shoe Cleaner Products protect my shoes?

The Vetro Power Footwear Protector, besides providing liquid repellency, also ensures the surface of your shoe is ‘easy-to-clean’. It is a popular effect that allows coated shoes to be cleaned easier; whether with a damp microfiber cloth or a wash. The dust and dirt are easier to clean, and the surface remains liquid & stain-repellent. The Water-based Formula offers cleaning with liquids beading and rolling off, which ensures that dirt is also taken along off the top of the surface.

Vetro Power’s Footwear Protector is nano-tech based, non-toxic, solvent & fluorocarbon-free leather cleaner for shoes; ensuring that the solution is sustainable and not harmful during use; thus protecting the user of the product as well from exposure to harmful chemicals. It is safe for kids and pets. 

Vetro Power is safe to use on all absorbent materials from suede, nubuck, leather, fabric, nylon, synthetics, canvas & sheepskin. The coating once sprayed on does not alter the colour, look, feel & smell of the shoes.


Benefits of Using Vetro Power Shoe Care Products 


  • Perfect Water & Stain Repellent.
  • Solvent & Fluorocarbon-free.
  • Water-based & Non-toxic formula.
  • Invisible, skin-safe, and maintains breathability.
  • Safe to use on all absorbent fabrics such as suede, nubuck, leather, fabric, nylon, synthetics, canvas & sheepskin, etc. 
  • Does not alter the colour, look, feel & smell. 
  • Ensures your footwear remains cleaner for a longer time. 
  • A single application will protect for up to a year, depending on usage.
  • Coverage up to 4-6 pairs of shoes depending on size. 


 How Vetro Power Shoe Care Products are better than others?

 Vetro Power Shoe Care Products have been formulated in Germany, supported by globally unparalleled nanotechnology research. The impactful modern technology proved to be better for shoe care treatment. The Non-Toxic formula ensures that the solution is sustainable and not harmful during use; thus it protects those who use the product as well from exposure to harmful chemicals. 

Vetro Power supports the cutting down of unnecessary buying and careless wastage, providing a solution that helps you to move one step forward to join the Sustainability Revolution. We reduce the negative impact on people and the environment by making your belongings last longer. 


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> Cash on Delivery orders are only available for orders above Rs. 500 & will incur a handling fee of Rs. 50.

Once an order is received and approved, your shipment will arrive between 5-10 working days depending on the containment zone your address is in. 

ii. Rest of the World

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