Faber Anti-Slip Benefits

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Water Based
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Long-Lasting Treatment
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No Maintenance Required
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Increase Surface Grip
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Reduce Slipperiness

Suitable Surfaces


YS One


YS One


Safe Marble


Safe Marble


Safe Marble


YS One

Porcelain Stoneware

YS One

Application steps

The product is ready to use. Apply an even, abundant coat of product with the preferred tool, making sure to create an even layer to cover the whole surface being treated.
Allow the product to act on the surface for at least 30 minutes, depending upon the surface material.
Remove all excesses, possibly using a liquid vacuum cleaner and then rinse immediately after with plenty of clean water.
Gently clean the residues on the surface with a damp cloth.
Begin to remove the product from the point where the application of the product started, allowing the product to act for an equal amount of time all over the surface.
In order to make the whole treatment application stage easier, it is advisable to proceed in single areas when the total area to be treated is very large.

Before and After
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The Difference

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Global Projects

Image 1
Expo 2020 Metro Station
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Image 2
Al Bustan Palace
Muscat, Oman
Image 3
Dubai Investments Park
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Image 4
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Product Range

Safe Marble - 5 Litres

Safe Marble - 1 Litre

YS One - 5 Litres

YS One - 1 Litre

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