Faber Safe Marble Anti-Slip
Faber Safe Marble Anti-Slip
Faber Safe Marble Anti-Slip
Faber Safe Marble Anti-Slip
Faber Safe Marble Anti-Slip
Faber Safe Marble Anti-Slip
Faber Safe Marble Anti-Slip
Faber Safe Marble Anti-Slip
Faber Safe Marble Anti-Slip

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Faber Safe Marble Anti-Slip

FABER SAFE MARBLE: Safeguard marble, travertine, limestone, and lime-based surfaces with invisible micro-erosions that amplify surface grip, even in wet conditions. FABER SAFE MARBLE directly interacts with the surface, creating imperceptible micro-erosions that enhance water runoff. These enhancements are invisible to the naked eye but significantly improve surface grip, effectively reducing the risk of slipping.



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Product Description

  • Invisible Micro-Erosions: FABER SAFE MARBLE works its magic invisibly. Its interaction with the surface results in micro-erosions that boost water runoff, significantly improving grip without altering the appearance of your valuable surfaces.
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  • Versatile Protection: Whether it's marble, travertine, limestone, or other lime-based surfaces, FABER SAFE MARBLE offers comprehensive protection, ensuring safety across a range of materials.

  • Efficient Risk Reduction: By enhancing surface grip, FABER SAFE MARBLE efficiently reduces the risk of slips, especially in wet conditions. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your surfaces are fortified against accidents.

  • Preserve Aesthetics: FABER SAFE MARBLE not only prioritizes safety but also preserves the natural aesthetics of your surfaces. Say hello to enhanced grip without compromising the beauty of your cherished marble and stone installations.

Surfaces & Materials

  • Suitable for:
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  • Concrete-Marble Agglomerates

  • Resin-Marble Agglomerates

  • Glazed Porcelain Tiles

  • Limestone

  • Marble

  • Travertine

Video Tutorials


A1: FABER SAFE MARBLE is an anti-slip treatment specifically designed for marble, travertine, limestone, and lime-based surfaces. It creates imperceptible micro-erosions on the surface, enhancing water runoff and significantly improving grip, even in wet conditions.

Q2: How does FABER SAFE MARBLE improve surface grip?
A2: FABER SAFE MARBLE interacts directly with the surface, creating invisible micro-erosions. These enhancements amplify water runoff, making the surface less slippery even when wet. It effectively reduces the risk of slipping on marble and similar surfaces.

Q3: Is FABER SAFE MARBLE safe for marble surfaces?
A3: Yes, FABER SAFE MARBLE is specifically formulated to be safe for marble, travertine, limestone, and lime-based surfaces. It does not harm the natural beauty of these materials while significantly enhancing safety.

Q4: Can FABER SAFE MARBLE be used in outdoor settings?
A4: FABER SAFE MARBLE is primarily designed for indoor use. For outdoor applications, it's recommended to consult with a professional to determine the suitability and application process for specific outdoor surfaces.

Q5: Does FABER SAFE MARBLE alter the appearance of the treated surface?
A5: No, FABER SAFE MARBLE creates imperceptible changes on the surface, which are invisible to the naked eye. It enhances grip without altering the natural appearance of marble, travertine, limestone, or lime-based surfaces.

Application steps

The product is ready to use. Apply an even, abundant coat of product with the preferred tool, making sure to create an even layer to cover the whole surface being treated.
Allow the product to act on the surface for at least 30 minutes, depending upon the surface material.
Remove all excesses, possibly using a liquid vacuum cleaner and then rinse immediately after with plenty of clean water.
Gently clean the residues on the surface with a damp cloth.
Begin to remove the product from the point where the application of the product started, allowing the product to act for an equal amount of time all over the surface.
In order to make the whole treatment application stage easier, it is advisable to proceed in single areas when the total area to be treated is very large.

Faber Anti-Slip Benefits

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Water Based
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Long-Lasting Treatment
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No Maintenance Required
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Increase Surface Grip
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Reduce Slipperiness
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