Vetro Power Auto Glass Rain Repellent Spray, 50ml

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Vetro Power Auto Glass Rain Repellent Spray, 50ml

Vetro Power's Auto Glass Rain Repellent is an advanced solution designed to protect your car's windshield, mirrors & windows.

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Product Description

Vetro Power's Auto Glass Rain Repellent is an advanced solution designed to protect your car's windshield, mirrors & windows. Our superior German-engineered nanotechnology formula creates a powerful superhydrophobic and oleophobic surface that effectively repels rain, dirt & dust. Thanks to its exceptional water-beading properties, rain & liquids bead up and effortlessly roll off the glass, carrying away dirt & debris in the process. This non-toxic solution not only enhances visibility and driving safety, but also eliminates the need for additional glass treatments, saving you both time and money. The hydrophobic surface also makes it easier to clean off snow, bird droppings & other contaminants. With its high coverage, you can protect your glass surfaces without worrying about any cost increment.

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Additional Info

EXTREMELY POWERFUL NANOTECHNOLOGY enabled protective coating for automotive glass & windscreens. The protective coating improves driving visibility & safety while repelling water, liquid, dirt & debris. This advanced coating provides exceptional durability and long-lasting protection against various environmental factors.

BEST WATER & OIL REPELLENT: The auto glass is protected while creating a powerful superhydrophobic & oleophobic surface and does not allow liquids, rain, dirt, dust, bird faeces & other contaminants to stick to the glass. Say goodbye to constant wiping and cleaning as your glass remains spotless and clear.

ENHANCES VISIBILITY & DURABILITY of automotive glass surfaces, thereby improving safety. By applying this product, you significantly improve your overall driving experience. The enhanced clarity & strong UV protection allows for better visibility in adverse weather conditions, ensuring a safer journey for you and your passengers.

EASY-TO-CLEAN / SELF-CLEANING EFFECT: Thanks to its unique formulation, dirt and external particles effortlessly slide off the glass surface when driving at speeds over 60 km/hour. Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the road. The protective spray doesn't change the original appearance of the coated glass and will not damage the material coated. Leaves no spots or patches.

COST EFFECTIVE: Aesthetic & maintenance cost benefits. By protecting your automotive glass and windscreens, you reduce the likelihood of costly repairs or replacements. Additionally, the improved aesthetic appearance eliminates the need for frequent professional cleaning, resulting in long-term cost savings. Invest in Vetro Power Auto Glass Rain Repellent for a cost-effective solution that keeps your vehicle looking pristine while saving you money.



Clean the Surface

Use our microfibre cloth to clean the surface from dust and dry stains.


Spray on Surface

Please read the product guide and spray evenly across the surface.


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Wait 4-5 minutes for it to dry and you are ready to go!




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